Harima Brewey Country

A long, long time ago, roughly speaking 1,300 years ago.
There was a book called the fudoki that describes the state of the land and its products representing the fertility of Harima Province.
Where is it, you ask? It is located in the lower-left corner of Hyogo Prefecture, with five large rivers flowing from the deep mountains to the sea.
Making the most of this blessed geographical advantage, rice, malted rice, sake, miso, soy sauce, etc., were produced and passed down from generation to generation.
It is said that people began to whisper, "Harima is the best place for brewing".

Harima Map

※The above Harima Gosen (the five rivers of Harima) and mountains of the map is an image of Harima Province.

About Harima Brewery Country

Harima Brewery Country, it is an initiative by eight cities and eight towns(harima core regional urban areas) in the Harima region to promote the branding and add value to Harima's local products.
This project aims to establish the asset value to the regional brand of Harima by sowing seeds under the theme of "brewing" and refining them.

*harima core regional urban areas
HIMEJI CITY, Aioi City, KAKOGAWA CITY, AKO CITY, Takasago City, KASAI CITY, Shiso City, TATSUNO CITY, Inami Town, Harima-town, Ichikawa Town, Fukusaki Town, Kamikawa Town, Taishi Town, KAMIGORI TOWN, SAYO TOWN

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